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    Gamification: your opinions on where to begin?


      First off, thank you in advance for all of your helpful feedback and examples! My newest venture is to figure out gamification for my instance and implement it as strategic and thoughtful as possible. I know there are endless possibilities and offering incentives for users is one of the key pieces to encouraging activity in the community!


      There is a lot of documentation out there, but where does one begin? I am looking for some first steps and helpful hints! I love feedback and hearing what was both successful and unsuccessful for your instances. I have so many ideas for badging and rewarding users for activity but not sure what first actions to take.


      Thank you!!!!!

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          Libby Taylor

          I have to admit I'm still trying to figure it out here as well! I would love to hear what other people think.

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            I wonder if there would be someone who would be willing to chat with me about this.

            I am somewhat lost as to all the technicalities and how to implement successfully! Any takers?


            Many thanks in advance!

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              Billy Volpone

              There should be plenty who can chime in around their own thoughts of what was and is being launched, but I know when I'm consulting that I always recommending looking at gamification in a baby step approach. Meaning that the best way it can work is to make sure the initial calls to action are very easy to accomplish. Whether they are within the community (upload an avatar, follow a group, etc) or external actions (like our Facebook page), that they are something you could do quickly and without much effort or expertise. From there, you can allow users to level up and continue engaging them via more collaborative asks. Instead of asking 5 questions it could be to answer 1... or instead of reading blogs it could be to introduce themselves to the community or a user group via their own blog. These are quite broad examples, but hope they help.


              My friend Jordan Dayton is currently prepping his own community and is probably either in the gamification process right now or just finished. Jordan, can you speak to how you and SocialEdge approached the initial missions/badges?

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                Jordan Dayton

                I don't claim to be an expert on gamification but my team and I are actually currently in the process of figuring this out for our new community. We will be going live on April 15th and it will be a totally open community so feel free to check back with us if you want to see where we are at that point. Scott Dennis is the lead on our project and has some great perspectives on how to roll out a gamification initiative. Also, Biray Seitz is the CM on our team who is devoting most of her time in conceptualizing and deploying our strategy.


                I would support what Billy noted so well... I really think the first couple badges need to be easy enough that users can achieve them within the first few minutes in the community, so they get some initial positive reinforcement about their activity. Maybe it's a good idea to have another badge that a user can see that they could obtain the same day they join the community, but put it far enough out of reach that it would require them to spend 20-30 minutes doing things in your community. I can imagine that if you get someone to spend 30 minutes doing exciting things in your community, it will create a very good taste in their mouth and make them much more likely to come back. Especially if they see the other badges are also in reach but might take a little bit of time to acquire.


                I'm sure we'll have more to talk about in a couple months as we launch and see how people engage with our community and seek to accomplish missions.


                Here's a list of the default missions to give you an idea of the existing badges and what's required to get them.


                OnboardingEasyBrown NoserFollow another userbrownnoser-75x75.png25
                GroupieJoin a Groupgroupie-75x75.png25
                In the GameAdd your Avatarinthegame-75x75.png25
                Medium411Post a status update411-75x75.png50
                ContributorCreate a documentcontributer-75x75.png50
                Forget-me-notBookmark a piece of contentforgetmenot-75x75.png50
                Judgmental JudyRate a piece of contentjudgementaljudy-75x75.png50
                Knowledge is PowerMark a Question as correctknowledgeispower_75x75.png50

                Search for the first time

                Vote for Pedro

                Vote in a Poll

                Your Opinion CountsLike a piece of contentyouropinioncounts-75x75.png50
                HardMy First AppInstall an !Appmyfirstapp_75x75.png75
                PollsterCreate a Pollpollster-75x75.png75
                Teacher's PetCreate a Questionteacherspet-75x75.png75
                You're ItTag a piece of contentyoureit-v1-75x75.png75
                Very HardDocu-mentorCreate a Documentdocumenter-75x75.png100
                Dr. PopularLike a status updatedrpopular-75x75.png100
                HelperGet your reply to a question as 'helpful'helper_75x75.png100
                Know it allGet your reply to a question marked 'Correct'knowitall-75x75.png100
                RecruiterCreate a Social Grouprecruiter-75x75.png100
                Soap BoxCreate a Blog Postsoapbox-75x75.png100
                Ongoing Engagement10111101Have someone download your uploaded document, 2 timesproductinfo100x100png13661149bda.png100
                Admit OneLog in 10 timesadmitone100x100png136610f4f97.png50

                Get a correct answer and a helpful answer

                Fan FavoriteBookmark 5 items in a monthconnectlikeyou100x100png136610fb673.png25
                GearheadUpload 3 documentssetupindustry100x100png136610fe6df.png100
                Hall MonitorMark 5 questions as correct and 5 as helpfulviewcontent100x100png13661102dc3.png50
                IndestructibleGet 5 of your comments likedbuildcustomstream100x100png13661105874.png50
                InfluencerBe followed by 5 peopleteamplayer100x100png13661108113.png50
                LoudmouthPost 10 replies to questions / discussionsloudmouth100x100png1366110a0eb.png50
                On a rollReply to 2 questions or discussionsroll75x75png13660658ca9.png50
                Read and RateRead and Rate 3 documentsreadandrate100x100png1366110d4a6.png50
                Sharing is CaringShare 5 status updatessharing100x100png1366110f8f3.png50
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                  Jordan Dayton

                  Adrianna DiNapoli also in direct answer to your question about "where to start, I think you will find these resources from the Jive community very helpful!


                  Jive Gamification Module: Admin Documentation


                  Gamification Module: Action List  <<<---- This is my favorite! Being able to see what actions/triggers can contribute to a badge/missions is crucial for you to understand as you are thinking about your initiatives.


                  I hope this helps!

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                    Hi Adrianna!


                    I'm pretty happy with the system I used to implement an engaging and scalable gamification strategy.


                    I first ensured that I thought of actions in a balance of "Do unto others" and "Have done to you", in order to validate klout and praise activities.

                    Then I created a system of increasing levels for each action based on difficultly, importance to business, and importance to community adoption/engagement. This helps create a "points economy" where point value is a clear indicator of value to the community, while the work, exposure, and time involved were agreeable to the community members in exchange for the point value. In my example, it was always the following buckets of point value: 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200.

                    From there, you can investigate all of your available triggers, and create missions around them, increasing in expectation of count or frequency.


                    I hope that makes sense?

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                      Wow! Thank you for all of the awesome feedback. This will be very helpful for me in the next few days as I dive deep into the planning/implementing stages. Wish me luck! ..And in the meantime, I continue to welcome whatever recommendations the JC has for me as I am sure I will be running into minor complications along the road. Thanks guys!

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                          Adrianna DiNapoli a good starting point is to consider the business goals you are trying to drive in conjunction with what your key audiences want to get out of the community. This will allow you to better prioritize and weight the value of the missions you initially roll out. Besides these, I also agree with the less-is-more approach to an initial rollout. It will be sorely tempting for you to roll out all of the default missions but there's good reason to hold some back and opt for a phased release.

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                          Hi Adrianna, great post!

                          Wish I had some hands-on experience on it, but left a team implementing a gamification instance right before it saw the light.

                          I would strongly recommend you take a look on Coursera's take on the topic of gamification (I took it a year ago). It's a very straightforward course and Prof. Werbach lectures are as effective as clear.


                          Hope it helps!

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                            Hi Adrianna,

                            I know we're about six months late to the party, but if you're still looking for information on gamification that works with Jive, Bunchball's Nitro has a product specifically for Jive, and I would love to discuss with you when you have some time!


                            Aaron Moncreiff