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    Query on Move Content


      Hi Everyone,


      I am using PUT: api/core/v3/contents/{contentId} service for updating contents. My objective is to move contents to another space using this service by updating content parent container. This service requires content body and subject as mandatory parameter. Providing content and subject for every content is not looking a good idea while same is not true for v2 services. PUT: __services/v2/rest/content/{contentType]/{contentId}  used for moving contents which require only target space id (&type). Why there is discrepancies in v2 and v3 services?

      Should I go for v2 service? Anyone aware workaround using v3 services also?


      Another approach found in DocumentEntity v3 API  is self resource (screenshot attached). Can we use it like /contents/{contentId}/self and /contents/{contentId}/resources/self ?


      Thanks in advance.


      Divya Garg