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    Filter custom activity streams for documents only?


      Streams are amazing but sometimes a bit of an overkill. I don´t think it is possible but would anybody know if it is possible to customise the filter of the streams in Jive 7. I only would like to see the latest documents and don´t care who follows whom and who has joined the group?






      doyledo hearnpa

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          Hi Peter,


          While not available in the OOTB custom streams, if you are interested in further filtering streams I would suggest checking out the Jive Developers space here in the Jive Community where you can collaborate with other developers on potential customizations.


          Additionally, if you would like to see this as an OOTB feature in a future release I would recommend creating an idea in the Ideas for Jive space where our Product Managers review top rated ideas for possible inclusions into future releases.