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    Classic Jive Point System


      I am looking for the list of actions and points that are accumulated for the legacy (non-Bunchball) gamification model. I know there are several action documents out there, but nothing that shows the points for each action. These points are shown in the CMR leaderboard and drive certain moderation tools.

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          Timothy --


          Since you have advanced gamification turned on, you can't see the settings (under People > Status Level Settings). If you turn off the Enable Gamification User Interface off, you will see the list of actions and points currently assigned. You won't lose points. You are just pressing pause on the Bunchball stuff. Just be sure to go back and turn it back on once you are done

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              (like Megan said!)


              Timothy, If this is related to our earlier conversation, you turn off advanced gamification and set everything to ‘1’ or ‘0’ to configure what is getting recorded as valid activity and then turn advanced gamification back on.  The old status will still work, but be hidden.