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    The ROI of Employee Engagement In Hospitals - Forbes

      The ROI of Employee Engagement In Hospitals


      How does employee engagement drive results for healthcare systems? What is the hard return-on-investment (ROI) of engagement for hospitals? “Without employee engagement, you’re never going to get the kind of ultimate patient experience you’re hoping for.” –Mike Packnett, CEO, Parkview Health...

      In a Gallup study of 200 hospitals, they found that the engagement level of nurses was the number one variable correlating to mortality, even beating out the number of nurses per patient day.

      I would love to hear the thoughts of our Jive Healthcare customers out there on this article. 

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          Very powerful stuff. Fun fact - my CEO Tony Armada is quoted in this article saying:

          As Tony Armada, the CEO of Advocate Lutheran Hospital once said, “If people are not engaged, they have choices. Patients have choices, too.”


          He worked at Advocate Lutheran Hospital prior to working at Swedish where he's really focused on core leader engagement....

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            Bill, do you have any stats that show how jive has increase employee retention rates or engagement in healthcare?

            Or any other stats like higher EBITDa, etc?

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                We don't currently have hard facts like this out of our HC clients - need to get a few more of your folks to roll it out fully :-). I should be able to get some data for some non-healthcare accounts if that would be helpful.

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                    Yes non healthcare stats would be good. Back in 2012, while we were back in the sales cycle- Carly Gralak at Jive shared these stats:


                    You recently viewed the Social Intranet Resource Kit. This prompted me to reach out because companies like BCBS of CA, Boston Scientific & Allscripts are using social collaboration to:


                    increase employee connectedness by 39%

                    decrease time finding information and experts by 34% increase productivity by 37%



                    Wondering if you have updated stats like this so that I can share what benefits companies in other industries are experiencing from a full roll out.

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                        I found this gem back from 2012ish:


                        A 3rd party consulting firm recently polled 30% of Jive's customer base, and found that the average customer was reporting the following value metrics:

                        • 15% employee productivity benefit
                        • 24% employee attrition reduction
                        • 2-4% revenue increase
                        • 18% more top performers, leading to improved EDITBA per employee.

                        These are the types of stats I'm looking for but curious if you have more updated figures

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                    Bianca and Bill,

                    I’m new to the Jive community but have been studying the issues of Nurse engagement and its impact on patient outcomes and economics.


                    Swedish currently has 172 open RN positions and, statistically, will have 572 RN quit this year costing ~$30M in costs to replace those RNs.  The average currently RN turnover is 17.2%.  Communications / engagement is one of the most commonly stated reasons for quitting.


                    Nurse engagement has an impact on medical errors.  Statistically, Swedish will end 2016 with ~2,150 serious Adverse Events causing 292 deaths and $17.5M in unreimbursed patient care.  Statistics on improved RN engagement are thin but if Swedish RN engagement improved by 2.5% Swedish would cause 7 fewer deaths and save ~$438,000 in unreimbursed patient care.


                    Post discharge engagement:

                    Swedish Edmonds was ranked in the 3rd quartile and First Hill and Cherry Hill in the 4th for readmissions in 2015.  There is a movement towards Transition and from Discharge with the goal of improving patient outcomes / reducing readmissions.  The primary reasons for readmission are most often “soft” issues like understanding medications, family support, access to transportation.  The Edmonds Case Mgmt and Social Workers seem to address patient transitions.  But communications between the field and clinical teams is usually a big issue.


                    Here’s a link to the readmission information above:



                    Your help:

                    I joined the Jive community because I am looking to connect with folks trying to address the issues above and others in which communications and engagement are central issues causing negative impacts.  Any insights, hunches, etc you can share are much appreciated.  A conversation would be even better.


                    Thanks much.