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    Jive versus SharePoint


      Does anyone have formal or informal documentation around Jive versus SharePoint comparison? I can cobble together some thoughts but I am sure someone already has a nice comparison capabilities and benefits flushed out. I've poked around in the JC but haven't found anything yet. 

      I appreciate it!

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          John Schwiller

          Gia  has partner-focussed content on this, for example on the various co-existence models. Not sure if it can be shared.

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            Hi Shirlin Hsu,  I have a paper that I put together for our company that compares Jive, Confluence and Sharepoint 2013 - pretty informal paper, but it might be good for a starting point.  I'd rather not put it out here, but I can send it to you if you'd like.

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              Tracy Adams - Me three! We're also trying to develop a "clear as mud" resource for our employees. I followed you as well.

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                Elysha Ames

                Tracy Adams I just followed you too. I'd love to see your resource too! Thanks for sharing.

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                  Hi All,

                     I posted a document JCS - Jive or Sharepoint Decision Guide that can be used as a guideline. Remember that based on a company culture and what your use case is trying to achieve this can/should be adapted.

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                    Thank you all! The end user who requested this already put together something very comprehensive - now I have all of your input to use moving forward.


                    Appreciate the help!!

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                      Hi Shirlin - I shared some materials directly with you (Jive's request.)

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                        Great topic, Shirlin. I'm working on something very similar.

                        Wes Goldstein - thanks for sharing the decision guide.

                        Tracy Adams, if you are willing to share your document with me as well, I'd appreciate it.


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                          Curious - with O365, One Drive, Yammer and everything Microsoft brings to the table for the solution at this point, does it still boil down to Jive vs Sharepoint?

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                              Early 2014 we purchased Sharepoint with the intention of using it as a content repository to replace some of our legacy content systems.  Many of  our users had already moved from the old systems into other applications, including Innovate (our Jive instance).  They were attempting to use Innovate a a content management system (we've all had that discussion) and found it lacking so many of them  planned to move ONLY their documents from Innovate into SP and using the SP Connector, use  their existing Innovate instance for collaboration.  After a lot of review and a few  trials, I never found SP to be nearly as good for collaboration as Jive.  I found it better for document management and creating libraries of documents, but never for collaboration.  Plus, SP is a pain in the  butt to get set up and administer.  A lot of overhead. 


                              I think a lot of it depends on the use case as to whether it is still a discussion.  Even with all the extras MS has added, I would still say (based on my experience last year) that Jive is much better for collaboration and SP for document management.  Linking the two together would  have provided  us with a more holistic solution since  we need both.  Choosing one over the other for collaboration AND content management (which was our use case) would have meant sacrificing something.


                              I also  analyzed Confluence (an older version) and Innovate (Jive 5.0) about 3 years ago to determine if we needed to move some of our R&D sites to Innovate, and really the only thing that made Confluence a better solution for some users was the ability to create wiki pages.   For people already  using Confluence for the wiki  function, I wasn't able to easily reproduce a similar experience in Innovate for them.

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                                  I would add to this that if all you are looking for SharePoint to do is offer a Document Management system, it would be worth your time to look at Box for two reasons:


                                  1. Lower overhead. No developers needed to keep the system running. Very easy to set up and use, like Jive, but with the Folder Structures and Document Management tools you need.
                                  2. Best integration with Jive so far. Documents live in Jive, but unlike the SharePoint connector, they feel and act like Jive documents. Comments are synced as well.


                                  Worth a look. J

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                                      I have heard good things about Box before Wes.


                                      However, as you probably know, it is difficult to get an entire organization, especially one with thousands of employees, to give up SharePoint. I think that with the SP Connector, they can live happily together, doing what each does best and that this approach will save a lot of gray hairs.

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                                          John Schwiller

                                          The TCO is probably quite different though      

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                                            Although the SP Connector has been very tricky. Has anyone does this successfully and gained great adoption? Specifically, connecting a new or existing Jive group to an existing SP site?


                                            Here is a cheat sheet for basic Jive versus SP that may be of help as well:


                                            Jive vs SP.png


                                            Security would be another item.

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                                                We did good things with this at Bridgepoint . but you know the story.

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                                                  On that graphic, the SharePoint column makes me cringe a bit.  Windows explorer, browsing a set hierarchy - these are pretty much the way to set things up in SharePoint if you want to make them the least useful.    We've been fighting this fight in our internal sharepoint environment forever.  If you set your document libraries up with decent metadata tags, you can use that information to organize and present your data in such a way that it's not static, but can present you whatever view you need.  It also makes the search capability much more functional.  On the "file naming" row - proper metadata also makes this much less relevant.  You are searching and filtering based on tags!  it's just a better way to do things, regardless of whether you are in jive or sharepoint

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                                                      Good to know! This was created by a user who is more familiar with SP than I am. Thanks for the insight. How would you create the comparison chart?

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                                                          that's a complex question


                                                          Going by the categories on that chart (although it feels like this table was written with specific jive/sharepoint instances in mind as a starting point that might not be accurate everywhere):

                                                          "where the file lives" - not sure how meaningful that is.  Files live in one location in Jive just as they do in sharepoint, so i'm not clear what the purpose was.  In Jive, where the file lives determines who can see it, much as in sharepoint, although i'd say jive FEELS more fluid, with more ease of ability to move content around, and make sure the right people have access.


                                                          For "think" - the jive side seems good - for sharepoint, it allows for either searching or navigating through the structure - which appeal to different types of people.  I personally think that's an advantage.


                                                          The big caveat with sharepoint would be - in order to make that document metadata work properly for you, it DOES require some upfront thought.  Jive is a lot more loose in that sense. Throw it out there, add some tags.    With sharepoint, it's definitely a good idea to think about how you want your content structured,and in what ways people might want to search for it, and do that as you are setting up document libraries. It definitely takes more time and thought, but if you do it right, it's VERY powerful.

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                                                    Thanks Wes.  We actually decided to  go a completely different route and develop our own internal application that we'll eventually sell to our customers.  We do have a  lot of  people who like Box, though.


                                                    When we first deployed  Jive, we spent a lot of time deciding what we wanted users to be able to do and not to do and which admin settings  to enable.  I went through a similar exercise when we purchased SP to identify the strategy for each piece and the deployment tasks that would need to be completed before we turned it on.  This upfront work and ongoing support for SP is by far more detailed than it is for Jive (at least, that's what I found).  I think the mistake  people often make with their SP deployments is underestimating the work that is needed to get it up and running and then to maintain it.  I'm actually a fan of SP,  but I think its often overkill when something like Box or even Google Drive can do the trick for document storage.  If you have a content strategy and workflows, then SP's a decent solution, and powerful as John Kolman mentioned.

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                                                Tracy Adams - add me to the list as well, please. tracy.maurer@ubm.com

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                                                  Hey all, been meaning to jump in on this for a while. We live in an environment that has Jive, SharePoint and Box together (among other things). We're using Box only in limited scenarios are the moment, but I'm in the process of getting it ready to be unleashed for more use cases by this summer, along with the Jive+Box integration. But SharePoint still has its role for different situations as well.


                                                  But about two years ago when we were in a Jive & SharePoint situation only, I published this for people on how to make decisions about which platform they used for what scenarios, based on the strengths of each platform...still knowing there were some functional overlaps...we wanted people making decisions based on the strengths of what each brings to the table:


                                                  SharePoint - System of RecordJive - System of Engagement
                                                  Primary Strength / Design Concept
                                                  • Project / Team Collaboration
                                                  • Structured Sites
                                                  • Content Management
                                                  • Community Collaboration
                                                  • Emergent Communities
                                                  • Relationship / Network Management
                                                  • Mission Accomplishment
                                                  • Content Storage and Retention
                                                  • Knowledge Sharing and Learning
                                                  • Problem-solving
                                                  • Innovation
                                                  Security Default
                                                  • Start Closed, Open on Need to Know Basis
                                                  • Start Transparent, Reduce visibility when risk requires
                                                  Common Interactions
                                                  • Creating static business unit / team / project web sites for visitors to learn about the work you do
                                                  • Sharing documents and files
                                                  • Using a shared calendar for team events, project milestones
                                                  • Maintaining a list of team members
                                                  • Editing shared documents (office files)
                                                  • Replacing a project / team email distribution list
                                                  • Discovering new perspectives / thought-leaders in your area of interest or expertise
                                                  • Asking and answering questions
                                                  • Sharing tacit knowledge / next practices in the context of a community
                                                  • Reusing good ideas
                                                  • Brainstorming new ideas
                                                  • Formal Content
                                                  • Official Business Records
                                                  • Content requiring rich formatting
                                                  • Controlled Content with approval workflows
                                                  • Informal Content
                                                  • Transitory Conversation / Communication
                                                  • Collaborative Content where formatting is of little importance
                                                  • Multi-author brainstorming / Crowdsourcing
                                                  • Content Management
                                                  • Day-to-day Responsibility
                                                  • Conversation & Knowledge Capture
                                                  • Interests
                                                  • Expertise
                                                  Your Value
                                                  • Team / Project Impact
                                                  • Delivery of Project Results
                                                  • Emergent Leader in a Community
                                                  • Emergent Expertise Provider
                                                  • Well-Connected resource that can get to answers quickly to impact peers / teams / projects positively



                                                  Some of these are based on how we decided to position each platform for our employees. But thought I'd add it to the conversation...

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                                                      Very helpful! Thanks Bryce!



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                                                        Bryce thanks for sharing this. We have Jive / Box / SP and others and are too deciding on which use cases to promote. We are embarking next week on our Box campaign and would love to share notes with you. Additionally we decided to start with we would use the Jive+Box integration as it looks really neat and nicely ties the 2 products together. A word of warning - we have had to (hopefully only temporarily) abandon the integration due to shortcomings in the integration design (specifically where you need to allow users into the box side directly), as the integration compounds some usability issues around visible shared folders and also the issues of Jive not recognising folders and the ability of users to modify structures in box that then cannot be seen from the Jive side.

                                                        Happy to discuss more if you are interested.

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