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    Can we change the default tab of user picker?

    shipra Beginner



      I am using the following OSAPI call to get the user picker popup in my app:


      $("#btn_user_picker").click(function() {

          var callback = function(response) {


            var users = getUsersFromResponse(response);



          osapi.jive.core.users.requestPicker({success: callback, multiple: isMultipleSelected() });



      I get the following result:


      The call in the networks is:http://<jiveurl>/user-autocomplete-modal.jspa?multiple=false&canInvitePartners=false



      I want to make following my default tab.

      I see the call when I choose following is:http://<jiveurl>/apps/user-autocomplete-modal.jspa?view=connections&showAddressbook=false&multiple=false&canInviteP…


      I have tried passing 'view' as a query param but nothing happens.

          osapi.jive.core.users.requestPicker({success: callback, multiple: isMultipleSelected(),view:'connections' });

      Can this be done form OSAPi or any CSS way of doing this?