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    Has anyone done a Jive Hack Day at their company?


      We do Innovation Challenges within our organization to try to build out prototypes of ideas for our internal products.  In addition, we know about Jive's hackathons at JiveWorld.  What I'm curious to know is if any internal community Jive customers have created a Jive Hack day for their developer employees to build out and create using the Jive platform potentially integrating with existing internal tools or products.  We are on the cloud. If so, how did you manage for it, did you get strong participation, what were some of the things that your users hacked, how did you communicate the available tools?

      We could provide our technologists with tools, maybe a jive developer presentation, maybe some specific tasks to complete along with open categories?  Some ideas include:


      1. Create a new tile
      2. Create a Jive Anywhere cartridge
      3. Create a new widget
      4. Create reusable design elements
      5. Create a reporting tool
      6. Create an add-on
      7. Build an app


      Anyone done this before?