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    Non-disclosure agreements for Community Managers?


      As community managers - I know many of us have the proverbial "keys to the castle" - often with the ability to see everything. While I know many of our employee agreements already cover non-disclosure - does anyone go the extra mile in the event that the community manager might be exposed to or have access to highly sensitive information? I've had colleagues at other companies who worked with the Investor Relations team and the company website that had an additional layer of NDA due to the sensitivity of IR info as it's reported/filed with the SEC, press releases, etc.

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          I've not heard of anyone having an additional NDA for CM's. I would hope that if an NDA is needed at all within an Org. that it would be written in such a way as to cover all the bases.


          I have however signed one pre-hire, during the interview process.

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            Good conversation starter!


            Our employee NDA's are covered in employment agreements, and again in termination agreements. Vendors & contract employees must sign an NDA to have access to private content, information, company stuff, etc. This NDA is usually covered in the MSA and any related contracts. For us, being in a regulated environment, it's critical that this is covered before any indepth conversations are had.


            Our external community is mostly visible to the guest user, for the except of permissions-only access community areas. In most cases, the vendor/contractor doesn't have visibility/access to it, but would perhaps have access to "trade secrets", in which case the NDA is critical. For this reason, we usually establish NDA's as early as possible in the exploratory conversations.


            One more note .. I would imagine that in the IR industry, you would have to have some level of NDA or other protective document in the event a vendor/employee/contractor accessed information that could be viewed as insider trading trade secrets... I thought regulated higher ed was complicated... then I learned about many of the regulations of IR and I don't envy you! Best of luck!

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              I also do not have a unique NDA just for my Jive responsibilities.  However, we are a public company so I have been classified as an Access Person. Since I may see "material, non-public information" in a private group (AKA top secret stuff), I am restricted from buying and selling stock in my company to designated time periods.

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