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    Jive add-in conflict issue


      Hello Jive Add-in support team,



      We faced an issue that our add-in localization doesn't work when Jive add-in is enabled. Seems that it’s caused by setting CurrentUICulture for native thread at Jive’s OnConnection event handler. Could you please look for possible fix?

      We can suggest you to set  UICulture only for your AppDomain, so others add-ins will not be affected (http://stackoverflow.com/a/7536117).



      Sample add-ins are attached. The first one simulates Jive add-in and sets CurrentUICulture for native thread, the second one demonstrates the issue with localization.



      Best Regards,

      TR team.

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          Hi Ilya Marchanka - Can you confirm that what you're reporting is an issue related to the Jive for Office or Jive for Outlook modules? It wasn't clear from the explanation if this was and I want to be absolutely sure.


          Additionally, I'm unable to actually load any of the sample add-ins you attached.  Would you be able to provide a compiled add-in with reproduction steps for how to reproduce the issue once Jive for Office/Outlook is installed?  Having these steps is going to be the easiest way for the Jive Support team to reproduce the issue locally and then coordinate with the engineering team to file a bug.

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              Hello David,


              This issue related to Jive for Office.

              Sample add-in and record of bug reproducing attached.


              Here are reproduction steps :

              1)      Launch excel, disable Jive add-in and close excel;

              2)      Install sample add-in:

                   a.      unzip Addin.7z

                   b.      run register.bat file as administrator (success message box should appear)

              3)      Launch excel;

              4)      Verify that Sample add-ins ribbon tab localized ("Japanese text");

              5)      Enable Jive add-in and restart excel.


              Result : Sample add-in is not localized ("English text" appeared);

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                  Thanks for the example file and the video recording, Ilya - I've done some testing and I've filed a new bug report for our engineering team, under ID JENSO-7307. The bug is being triaged now and I don't have an ETA at this point.


                  If you want to stay on top of this bug report and be notified of when it is resolved, I'd encourage you to work with your community manager to file a new support case and mention this bug (JENSO-7307) so that the Support team can associate the bug with your organization. Once the bug is resolved the support team will reach out to your team to let you know of what version the fix will be included in.