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    How are you managing diversity and inclusion groups on your Jive?


      At my company, we have a very active set of company-sponsored Employee Resources Groups organized around shared backgrounds like PRIDE (our GLBT group), PWIR (Our women's group) and BOLD (black employees) etc.  Are you having to treat your ERGS differently than other communities based on their unique missions.  Some of the work of our ERG's blurs the line between business and personal activism and it's giving our lawyers headaches


      This is the specific case below but it could be any of our ERGs in reality.



      1. Our PRIDE group wants to share opportunities with it's own members to support marriage equality on their personal time.
      2. Our lawyers are saying that violates our non-solicitation policy (asking others to sign up / contribute to something non-work related).


      My position is that Jive is not the cause of this issue. It's our company policy and Jive is just one of many ways this issue is surfacing.  But I said I would put this question out here to see if anyone else has had a similar situation and how it was handled.

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          We have a no Religon and no politics rule, so where any topic blurs into

          Political activism we send folk a polite reminder and the conversations are

          drawn to a close.


          The challenge here is if you want to continue the conversation in your

          community, if you do I would recommend it was in a private or secret group

          where members can request to join but it isn't showing up on the homepage

          all the time, we've done this for some other social groups, mainly because

          of the volume of traffic (music, movies). Not sure it is an answer but it

          is how we'd handle it.


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