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    Folders for Projects


      Am I missing something, or is it not possible to group Projects within a Network. If you're dealing with two different types of projects, for example, Client Projects and Internal Company Projects, there is no way to keep them organized (Other than with a naming convention). 


      I believe this makes users try to set up different Networks for different Project types, which then means two different sets of To Do lists for the user. And that leads to missed To Do items. Using multiple Networks also makes creating tasks via email problematic since those can only go to one Project.


      Producteev would be better if (first choice) you could group projects into a folder, or (second choice) allow projects to be Labeled separately from the tasks inside them, so you can filer on a Label grouping which would have the same functionality as a Project Folder.


      Hope this functionality makes it into a future release. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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          Thinking some more about this, another solution would be to be to have a roll up of all tasks for a Network (All Networks Tasks). This, combined with the ability to move a task between networks would solve part of the problem. But for paid users, it could become cost prohibitive to add multiple Networks with the same People. Project Folders is a better idea.