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    Has anyone defined "how to be a good Community Member"?


      In our internal instance, our folks want me to be very prescriptive.


      They are asking, "Can you describe what it means to be a good community member of [our internal instance]?"


      I found Libby's Terms and Conditions, but how about adjusting it to define how much time they should spend on the site i.e. checking it daily, weekly?  And other actions like downloading the mobile app, the Jive for office connectors. etc.


      Has anyone created something similar and if so, could you share what you included?

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          OK, so gave it some thought and began to answer my own question. Here is how i've broken it down. chime in if I'm missing anything!


          Basic Level:

          • Representing your subject matter expertise
            1. o Uploading a photo and the importance of filling out your profile so other experts can connect to you
          • Basic tips on search & navigating around the site
          • Joining the groups that matter and following the conversations that matter to you
          • At least “liking” the posts of others


          You’re ready for more:

          • Downloading the mobile /ipad app
          • the Office & Outlook connectors
          • Actually participating in asynchronous collaboration – voting in polls, commenting on the posts of others


          You’re a  Master:

          • You’re spreading the word and encouraging your colleagues to get on the site (there’s a button to invite them)
          • You’re creating conversations – openly narrating your work projects in real time and asking for feedback from others
          • You’re connecting the dots between what’s happening in real life, and moving that work online- for example, you hear about a video that the training team created. You ask them to post it to our portal so our online collaboration tool mirrors what’s happening in the real world