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    Does anyone have strong usage of Jive Anywhere?


      Hello -


      I'm wondering if anyone can share usage and use cases for Jive Anywhere?  We've had some road blocks with it given that a lot of collaboration occurs in spaces vs. groups.  Our community pre-dates the groups functionality by a few years and those spaces have been long established.  I'd like to see if I can get some more usage of this feature though and I'd be interested in any feedback you have on it.





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          Dennis Pearce

          I think the Gmail cartridge is pretty useful for two reasons.  It's nice for people who prefer to work from email rather than logging into Jive.  I use it a lot myself -- I typically don't have anything coming to my email out of our internal Jive instance because I'm in it all the time anyway, but I do have content from the Jive Community coming to email, and I find it very handy to be able to reply or like something right from within Gmail.  There are also always situations where something starts out as an email between a couple of people but as others get added and the back-and-forth emails accumulate, and inevitably someone says "this really ought to be a Jive discussion instead of email."  It's nice to just be able to click a button and move the whole email chain over into Jive, formatted as a discussion.


          Also, some people use Jive Anywhere to overlay collaboration on top of other applications.  For example our CEO likes to use it with SAP.  If one of his direct reports is looking for approval for an expenditure, he will open a discussion from within SAP so that it is tied to the request.  He makes his comments that way so that if the manager is wondering about the status of the request they can pop open the discussion while in SAP and see his comments.

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            to complete Dennis Pearce comment, I also recommend the usage of Gmail cartridge to convert slowly people that are not really familiar with social collaboration platform,

            and for those who are only using email. It's bringing the first "brick" of social integration with Jive.


            If you are trying to promote the platform internally this cartridge is definitely a good added value to convert the most reluctant people.

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              John Schwiller

              I'm using JA massively on a current project for a client. We need to very quickly pull in info on the client personnel and on vendor offerings. The project team will grow soon and we need to quickly on-board them in a non-painful manner.


              I have spent the last two days grabbing anything I can find on the web, for example LinkedIn profiles of anyone who is named in client workshops - e.g. "oh you need to talk to Amanda about that...", or product capability statements "our use of product X doesn't allow us to do Y..". Using JA you can suck all this into Jive where it is indexed and readily to hand. I sat in a workshop yesterday pulling up LinkedIn profiles of people I had already ingressed or bringing in new ones. Note that I'm going beyond the 'trivial' cartridge entry of just a link and adding snapshots of the top two LI boxes (the pic, role, previous orgs and education - and the job history, certifications and skills). [Interestingly (?) our PM said to me that she thought that was creepy but as far as I'm concerned if someone has posted publicly then taking a copy is ok 


              One we've got the LI pages in we can @mention them in our notes, for example XXX said this or YYY might be able to help here [note these client people will not have Jive accounts at least for the time being - but later in the project they might become external contributors where we need them to agree our WIP outputs.


              JA is just so phenomenal for working like this.


              My only niggles are please can we have categories and tags in JA and why doesn't embed.ly work as well in FF as it does in Chrome   Mor Avital

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                We've recently started to use it to bring in external industry news. We created a group to house content, and have a feed of content that gets reviewed regularly. When interesting items are seen in the feed, we use Jive Anywhere to grab and post them to the group, and then feature them to the main overview (Home) page in a carousel. This way, the information in the carousel is constantly changing because it is news. It so far has served to bring additional attention to the main overview page and to engage some people who perhaps had been less active. The new industry news group made it into the top 10 used places in its first few days. Obviously time will tell if this is a good long-term strategy, but it does seem a great way to use Jive Anywhere - to get people seeing and talking openly and collectively about what's going on in the industry as a whole.