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    Jive Search questions


      I've searched a bit around the site, but was unable to find the answers, so I figured I'd ask here. One of our users is trying to do some advanced things with search and he had the following questions:

      • is there a way to search prefixes for documents? For example, if we have a series of documents that start with "USA-###" in a space and he wants to locate only documents starting with USA but NOT JUST CONTAINING "USA", is there a way to denote that in a search?
      • when you are on the Content tab of a place and click to filter by tags, the first tags that pop up are popular tags for that space. When you begin to type tags, however, the results that pop up are tags for the entire site. Is there a way to make this search only list tags within that place?
      • The popular tag cloud orders tags by popularity within that place. Is there a way to change that to list these tags alphabetically for searching purposes?


      Thank you in advance for any help you can provide on these questions