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    REST API "user account" permissions


      How this works?

      Example: We want to use API to create some user accounts. So does this mean that we need to use username and password from the user that has permission to create new person?


      So basically is it wisest to create new account for API with wide enough permissions?

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          You can either use basic auth with hard coded username and password or use oauth with a super admin account which can call REST apis using oauth.

          You might not require an account with full access, but definitely an account with some sys admin access.


          If you are using an external saml identity provider (in which case all your jive account will be federated), you will have to create a non-federated account with basic auth.

          Problem with this is a user with these credentials can by pass your saml provider login abd get access to admin console.


          So I would recommend using oauth with a federated account.

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