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    Need an expert's help? We have one on tap!

    Libby Taylor

      "Ask the Expert" is happening now!


      The Jive Community has started a new Jive Talks blog series called "Ask the Expert."


      We will be bringing you experts from the community as well as from Jive to answer any questions you have on launching your community, increasing adoption or anything else related to social business!


      The first expert is Rachel Duran, Enterprise Community Manager at Allegis Global Solutions. Previously, she was an internal and external Jive platform community manager for RadioShack Corp, and before that she served as the Director of Social Media Strategy at Ilfusion Creative. Rachel was also a speaker at JiveWorld and is an active Jive Community contributor. In her "Ask the Expert" blog she shares some extremely insightful information on internal communities regarding community purpose, management, and reporting.


      Ask any question you want!

      Even though our experts are blogging on specific topics, feel free to ask any question you like! That's what they are here for. So please take advantage of having them online, watching for your questions, to post your burning topics.


      Read the blog and post your questions here:

      Ask The Expert - Launching an Internal Community