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    Missions don't work? Try an alternate plan!


      Like Kim England, I have been massively frustrated with advanced gamification. We get great ideas, and then find out that due to bugs, they are difficult at best to implement.


      So for my last mission, I took a page from someone in the Jive Community and designed it a bit differently. We set up a scavenger hunt. On the BunchBall side, it was pretty easy to implement. I couldn't actually track actions as narrowly as I wanted, for example couldn't specifically know that the person went ahead and followed the executive who was noted on our list, but could track a follow and decided that was good enough. Chances that someone would "cheat" and follow someone else instead were small and in the end not overly important.


      Set-up within the community was a bit more daunting. First, we came up with a list of things we wanted people to accomplish. It actually consisted of about 11 trackable actions. Then, we created a path for people to follow to accomplish those actions. We created a list of basic rules, and also added clue images to content that linked to the next location. We did leave it somewhat vague so that people had to work a bit, and encouraged them working together and especially with champions. And the people playing along are richly rewarded with a badge and a bunch of points.


      Overall, it seems pretty successful. People are learning and doing, and they say they are having fun. We're planning to launch another scavenger hunt for a different project - working out the details over the next couple of weeks. Knowing that I can accomplish goals without being quite so specific in my tracking has given me some room to breathe. And advertizing that people should reach out to their champions has given the champs a role and more visibility. And then they can play coy, or pretend to play toe good cop to help the person win. So we all win in the long run.


      It's hard to really explain the plan I used here, but Id be willing to walk people through it if you are interested. Mostly, I just wanted to encourage people to think a little outside the box. Yes, I still wish it was easier to design a mission. But in the meantime, I'm making lemonade!!

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          Frank Field

          I know you posted this awhile back Tracy Maurer, but since I'm wrapping up a Scavenger Hunt myself, I thought I'd post a response...

          I can't even create a new mission and have it show up as an available mission (I used the wizard. I see it in my console. But I don't see it in the available missions on the site. Grrrr...).  But, the practice here is to make members post their results to the hunt in a specific place in order to earn the points. It doesn't make it any less of a bummer that the activity can't be tracked/awarded automatically.  But at least all the people who completed the mission are found in one spot, making it a tad less of a time suck to find who should be awarded points manually.


          More lemons for lemonade..  A new nitro studio console will hopefully add some sugar to this mix! :-)