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    Create Content via email

      When posting content via email, a person uses one of a number of email addresses that are specifically designed for posting a particular kind of content in a particular place (such as a space or social group).

      Here's how it works:


        1.  Using a browser, a person goes to the place (such as a space, social group, their profile, and so on) to which they might want to post content.

        2.  The person clicks the Create by email link to display a list of the content types in that place that they can post via email.

        3.  After selecting check boxes for the content types they want, the person downloads vCards representing each of the content types (they can also email the vCards to themselves).

        4.  In their email application, the person uses the vCards to add the email addresses to their email address book, where they're available when they want to post via email.

        5.  To post content, the person creates an email with the content they want to post, then sends the email to the address they downloaded as a vCard.

      Content types supported by this feature include the following (depending on what your license allows):