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    Jive data migration


      Hi Experts,

      Has any one did data  migration from jive  to chatter ?are there any tools available out side ?

      can you guys please  explain how to export thedata from jive (discussions,posts ,content,space,comments etc>.

      appreciate your response.


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          I guess there are some tools to do this.

          But jive has good set of apis and its easy to write scripts for this.

          You can develop a node.js app as it will help you make several api calls and pull the data in parallel with minimal code

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              Scott A Johnson

              Alternatively, you can pull the data straight from the database if you need a more granular level of control. Though the api should suffice for most export needs.


              When importing into another system, you may need to load via db inserts though, as often api 'create' endpoints don't allow for setting things like creation date, or like in Jive, will add the content into activity streams or send an unwanted mass of notifications to users.


              When we do a data migration for customers, usually to Jive instead of away from it, we extract data from the source system into an intermediary structure like XML, then use another script to build insert SQL out of that data, then run that on the target system. This allows for easy debugging/auditing at each step.


              Hope this is helpful.

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                  Thats a good point about dates for content migrated.

                  Jive recently added an ability to add some old date for new content created and also you can avoid sending notifications of content migrated.

                  But while migrating to other system, you might want to check if these facilities are available.


                  Recently we migrated an old wiki data to jive.

                  We downloaded stuff in some format and then used apis to add content to jive with the new features I mentioned. That was helpful

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                    This is the method I have used in the past.  The API can be used but by extracting to a text based format we usually gain a lot of control over the content manipulation (links to other content, conversion of user ids, etc).  To properly do a full conversion you often need a complete list of users from the destination system so you know which ones have to be created vs. already existing etc.  Doing all that via API has always been incredibly slow compared to having a direct manipulation.  But that assumes the systems can be down some amount of time in order to ensure accurate data is pulled and put back in properly.

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                    Thanks for the direction pawan, can you please provide a sample code template if you have Pawan Shah

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                        Putting a short python snippet in how jive apis accept a published / updated date for a content.



                        requests.post(contentUrl, params={"published": "2015-01-11T08:11:59.763+0000"}, data=contentData,headers=header, auth=(self.username, self.password))




                        requests.put(contentUrl, params={ "updated": "2015-01-11T08:11:59.763+0000"}, data=contentData, headers=header, auth=(self.username, self.password))


                        Note that this is available only for REST api. I have not seen this working with javascript apis even in 8c5. This surely works with REST apis in cloud 8c4+ and I assume jive 8.