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    content field in JSON not getting rendered as HTML




      I want the content field to render as HTML. The field is specified to be as 'Text (or possibly HTML) content describing this activity.' in the following document:

      Jive JavaScript API v3.10 → osapi.jive.corev3.activities.Activity entity


      I have used rest api call and ospai call but in both scenarios the HTML content is not coming.


      My POST JSON body:



      "object" : {

          "displayName" : "this is a display name",

          "summary" : "<p>summary comes here!!!!!</p>",



           "title": "tittle is nicE",

              "content" : "<a href=\"http://company.jive.com/people/fred\">Fred Flintstone</a>"



      Has anyone faced this issue before. Is there anything missed by me here?