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    Page Jump not working


      Morning everyone!


      I just ran into quite a strange issue this morning. I just completed a slider on the top of my page, and everything looks awesome. One of my slides was supposed to link to the bottom of the page to a map. So I used the

      <a name="usermap">

      in the HTML of the map and used the link

      <a href="https://rlconnect.reliaslearning.com/welcome#usermap>

      to force a page jump to the bottom. This was working previously in the small icon I used. Now, however, using this same code if a user clicks on the link to jump to the bottom of the page, this is the result:


      Welcome   Relias Connect.png


      I have no idea what is causing this. I've tried editing the <a href...> to use just #usermap (this link doesn't work) or /#usermap (this one causes the same issue).


      I've got it set up now with a broken link so my users aren't getting this strange error, but I would like to get this fixed.


      Does anyone have any idea of what is causing this?