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    Tile config - jive.tile.onOpen - tileInstanceId?


      This is one that's blocking me Ryan.


      It looks like in the "view" section of a tile, the options contains the key tileInstanceId which allows me to correctly identify the tile.


      However, in the "config" portion of setting up a tile, there is no tileInstanceId.  Is this because the tile instance is not yet considered set up?


      If this is the case I'm not sure how to modify our configuration workflow.


      On "save", we pass data to our system, which I was hoping would also include the tileInstanceId, and I was hoping to identify that data with the tileInstanceId when from the "view" requested.


      Let me attempt a poor diagram.


      "config" -> Render Config GUI  -> Save (request to TemboSocial w/ parameters + tileInstanceId)

      "view" -> Retrieve tileInstanceID parameter from Jive -> Render TemboSocial View GUI passing tileInstanceId back to us

      I know Jive sends a tile registration call to an endpoint on our end - is that a better place to do this "Save" operation?