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    Is there any documentation on exactly how the Ask a Question widget works?


      I have been looking in the Jive community for information on exactly how the Ask a Question widget works. I have not been able to find anything that has been very helpful to me. We have our's configured as below:

      Search From: All public places

      Number of Results: 5

      Display Results: All Questions, All Discussions, Answered Questions, Documents


      When we ask a question that contains certain keywords (ex. how do I find my access numbers) our document for this topic which is marked official is not included in the initial 5 items that display. To see the document you must click the Search all results link that displays below the initial 5 items. Once we do that, our document for the topic that is marked official displays at the top of the search results.


      Is the Ask a Question widget performing a different type of search than is performed by clicking the Search all results link? We are trying to determine if there is something that we can do to get our documents marked as official to display in the initial 5 items when questions containing certain keywords are asked.