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    Password protected documents not viewable in search

    William McKnight

      Hello Jive Support,


      I hope you are able to provide me with details on why this may be occurring and a potential fix.  Here is my example.


      We notice when using Jive for Office and the Office Connector that when trying to open a password protected document from a specific location during search it will not populate in the results.  Further more, if I was to go out to the document located in the group and download that document, after it prompts me for a password and I enter it, it does not connect me to that document and make edits and republish update.  Please see the screen shot below and advise.  Thank you in advance.


      File name and document location:

      password protect 3.jpg

      Trying to search from the Office Connector:


      password protect 2.jpg

      password protect 1.jpg


      After accessing the document from the group(because it will not allow access from Office Connector), I enter password but it will not connect the document to the group to allow me to make edits.

      spread sheet.jpg

      not connected.jpg


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