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    osapi.http.post - proxy form post with www-form-urlencoded or multipart/form-data FormData support?


      Hey Ryan,


      We're now utilizing Jives osapi.http.[get/put/post/delete] method with { authz: "signed" } when making API calls to our API services.


      I've been using Jive Connects API - Client Application Configuration and API Usage as a reference.


      This is working great.  We can now transparently authenticate Jive users with our services.


      Unfortunately some of our requests contain file uploads.  One possible solution I came up with was FormData object, but this does not seem to work:


      osapiArgs.body = new FormData(document.getElementById("myFormWithFileUpload")) does not work.


      osapiArgs.body = JSON.stringify({somedata:1}) works.


      I've attempted to set headers such as:


         'Content-Type': ['www-form-urlencoded']



      It also looks like the body payload is turned into a JSON object when actually run... So I'm hesitant to think FormData will ever work.


      Screenshot from 2015-04-22 14:40:42.png


      Any suggestions?