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    If you could build a "quick activity integration" in 5 minutes, what technologies would you look to integrate first?

      As developers we spend most of our time trying to build really awesome and feature rich integrations, but sometimes ... there's value to be had in standing up a "quick integration" between two systems and moving on to the next one.


      This question is simple.  If you were given 5 minutes, and knew you could integrate  with just about any system ... what would be your top choice(s)?


      To kick this off, I'll throw out my thoughts:

      My background is in enterprise IT, and the value of love about Jive is the awareness Jive can bring to an organization.  I've always wanted to have more meaningful system level information (i.e. from the techops/devops realm) brought to Jive, such that real people are seeing the activity and able to rally together to take action.  


      As such, here are my top choices:

      • Solutions like Nagios , Zenoss or SolarWinds, which are capable of monitoring multiple systems and can be programmed to notify external agents.
      • Solutions like Splunk and GrayLog who monitor log files and can be configured with rules to notify when specific activity happens.


      That being said, I always go for the biggest bang for the buck.  In this case, single technologies that can get me activity from multiple sources. =)


      What about you?  What type of external system data would you like to see integrated with Jive?