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    Have you used a workaround to subscribe to tags in Jive 7?


      Hi Jive Internal Communities,


      I have a need for our users to follow discussions by topics or channels. In order to minimize "spam activity," we need a particular business area to follow 38 different topics for engagement and discussions around the topics. It can be a growing number of discussions per topic. It would not be sustainable to create a group for each topic. I see the  in Jive 8 but not sure what we can do in the interim before we upgrade. I've also tested the keyword moderation and this is not the answer.


      We can use Watch a Tag widgets but this wouldn't solve for alerts coming into the Outlook mailbox.


      Has anyone else had this need and created a solution? Is the best way to truly create a group for each topic OR teach users to opt and out of each discussion they want/do not want? Appreciate your help!