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    Activity object creation with actor other than token provider?


      Hey Ryan, I was hoping you could shed some more light on the activity stream "on behalf of" feature we had talked about at one point.


      On app installation I get an OAuth token from the administrator and I am hoping to use that token to push out Activity objects to the stream on behalf of two people.


      I'm attempting a simple object right now...



        "title": "Title here",

        "content": "This is content actor: ${@actor} target: ${@target}",

        "object": {

        "displayName": "Object DisplayName",

        "summary": "Summary is here"


        "actor": {

        "displayName": "John Wong",

        "objectType": "person",

        "url": "/api/core/v3/people/2020"


        "verb": "jive:created",

        "target": {

          "id": "/api/core/v3/people/2019"




      I've also tried:

      "actor": {

        "id": "/api/core/v3/people/2020"



      curl --insecure -i -H 'Authorization: Bearer 1s3c664k8xlxt3p064n0j94vsxv71ohfofbysp40.t' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \

      --data '{"title":"Title here","content":"This is content actor: ${@actor} target: ${@target}","object":{"displayName":"Object DisplayName","summary":"Summary is here"},"actor":{"displayName":"John Wong","objectType":"sent","url":"/api/core/v3/people/2020"},"verb":"jive:created","target":{"id":"/api/core/v3/people/2019"}}' \



      Unfortunately, the ${@actor} seems to always be "Administrator"


      E.g. from the response:


      "content" : "This is content actor: <a class=\"jive-username-link jiveTT-hover-user\" data-userid=\"1\" href=\"https://jive-butch.polldev.com:8443/people/admin\">Administrator</a> target: <a class=\"jive-username-link jiveTT-hover-user\" data-userid=\"2019\" href=\"https://jive-butch.polldev.com:8443/people/sylvester%40rna.com\">Sylvester Depavia</a>",


      Any idea how I can accomplish this?