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    Multiple Entries for Addon in jiveinstanceapp


      Wondering if anyone else has noticed multiple entries in the jiveinstanceapp table for their addons?


      This could be related to our SSO or air-gapped environment but it is not consistent and I am trying to figure out why some users are ending up with multiple entries in the jiveinstanceapp table for my addon.  So far what I can tell is that the event process may be kicking off multiple times and with run anywhere it has the potential to not see existing app installations resulting in multiple entries. 

      The entries do not seem to cause an issue but obviously it is not an ideal situation.


      select appid, userid, creationdate from jiveinstanceapp order by appid, userid;


      Mine is a on-premise instance.

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          Ryan Rutan

          I would file an issue/inquiry on this in your support space so it can be escalated and tracked through engineering to see if this is intended.

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            I've seen everything from not showing at all, only showing for some users, duplicates and (my favorite) ghost entries from removed apps.


            But it is as you said, inconsistent.


            If somebody from Jive could share some insight on how the add-on app install process works under the hood it would help in troubleshooting

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              Hi All,


              I worked on Add-on in jive cloud instance !!


              I installed my App on Cloud and Jive 7.0 instance .. kept on nitrous.io !

              It worked fine on jive cloud, but didn't worked on Jive 7.0. As I was putting my App as a tile, so push data was only working for Jive Cloud, as it got registered first in Jive-Instance.

              But yes I didn't find the multiple enteries as such.




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                  Hey Nils Heuer,

                  One thing which I could reproduce for removed add-ons and also logged it with jive support.

                  We had this case where even after uninstalling add-ons, somehow that entry use to stay in the table.

                  This messed up our development effort a lot.


                  We later found out it was more to do with the way we un-installed some add-ons.


                  While removing the add-on, it is very important that the jive-sdk server which owns that add-on is up and running and also jive is able to call it.

                  Only then the add-on can be uninstalled properly.

                  Sometime during our development we use to uninstall apps without node server being up and running.

                  Or sometimes when we were using ngrok, due to the change in ngrok urls (default ngrok behaviour) we had same UUID used by multiple ngrok urls as we could not remove the apps properly.