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    How do you decide if you should delete or archive a group?


      We have over 1,000 groups created in our community - we've been live for almost 3 months. We created a governance council but we are still trying to figure out the process for deleting and/or archiving groups. For example:


      • Some groups only have a couple members and are not really active. Should we give it 6 months and then contact the space owner and then delete the group? How long do you give inactive groups?
      • Some groups said that their information needs to be hidden for a period of time and then might be brought back again (i.e. They have information posted in the group that was needed for a specific period of time? How do you go about dealing with archived groups? Do you change the banner name to include the "Archived" and change the permissions from Open/Members-Only to Private? 


      I'd like to hear your thoughts on how you handle the deletion and archiving of groups.