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    Jive 6/7 reporting Capabilities - Custom Reports?


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      The company we service uses Jive 6 platform. We do monitor their external and internal support communities but we have found some roadblocks when it comes to tracking desired activities that can help manage the business better and generate business intelligence to improve support and products.


      These are the items we would like to track compared to what we are getting out of the default Jive reports:.                                                                                                                                      


      Available in Jive Report
      Operational indicators
      Qty of posts >Xhrs with no moderation (viewed and/or intervened by an agent) No
      Qty of posts viewed by an agentPartially
      Qty of posts with a reply by an agentPartially
      Qty of posts answered by an agentPartially
      Agent Average time per post No
      Private Discussions created per agent No
      Qty escalations made within Intel (maybe driven by STs) No
      Internal Quality monitoring (Internal report with Calibration report, plus Call Center internal review report) No
      Management indicators
      Qty of Registered customers (broken down per some demographics: Language, location,..) No
      Qty of active users (% over total Registered customers) No
      Qty of overall visitors in a given a time rangeAvailable
      Qty of Unique visitors (% over total visitors)Available
      Qty of new posts created (given a time range)Partially
      Qty of views per postAvailable
      Qty of Replies per postAvailable
      Top Community post viewed (given a time range) and Sentiment No
      Top sentiment Posts (Positive and Negative) No
      Top product viewed No
      Customer average view time No
      Number of post viewed per customer No
      How often and quick customer revisit Communities No
      Understand where visitors came from (search engine, direct link, previous sites) No
      Community top product Searched words No
      Qty of Private Discussions created No
      Quality-External – Enable customer grading on Communities No


      These are the Jive  reports we can currently extract:


      Content LeaderboardTitle
      Creation Date
      Content ID
      Content Type
      Current Question Status
      Number of Views
      Number of Likes
      Number of Rates and Votes
      Number of Responses
      Number of Revisions
      Current Author Name
      Current Author Username
      Current Author ID
      Current Container Name
      Current Container Type
      Current Container ID
      Content by dateDate
      Blog Posts
      Documents added
      Discussions added
      Videos added
      Users by dateDate
      Creation Date
      Content ID
      Content Type
      Current Question Status
      Daily ActivityDate
      Rates and Votes
      Total activities


      Is there any way to customize the reports available in Jive or create new ones that my contain additional objects than the above?

      Is there any newer version capable of doing that?

      Is there a premium fee that can be paid to get some custom made reports?


      Thanks in advance for the help.



        • Re: Jive 6/7 reporting Capabilities - Custom Reports?

          Hi Jose,

          There is no functionality to allow users to create custom reports however, for Hosted customers that are looking to create a custom report they can request to have Jive Cloud Admin (JCA) Access, this will allow you to access the database dump and allow you to write a query to pull the data you are looking for. This document shows you how you can work with the DB Dumps:  How To: Working With Database Dumps


          You can get JCA access by creating a case in your Companies Private Support group (aka MyJive Group). If you do not have access to your support group, you will need to contact your community manager so that they can invite you to the group or submit the request for you.


          If you would like to have like assistance developing custom reports our PS Team can help determine the scope of the project and develop for you. If you would like Professional Services to look into this for you, you can create a case in your Support group or contact your Account Manager.


          Hope this helps.