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    Tile - reading the pages hash/queryString?

    butch Novice

      I believe we've already figured this out here for Apps, can the same technique be applied to Tiles?


      We are going to be providing short-links that redirect directly to an Tile view.  These short links can can configured to pass on either queryString (?) or Hash (#) parameters which we would like to read from our tile.


      For example, we paste http://isay.it/t728272 into a Jive WYSIWYG editor to share a specific story.


      The short-url redirects to the specific location:

      http://jiveinstance.jiveon.com/community/operations/pages/recognition#viewSpecificStory=1 or http://jiveinstance.jiveon.com/community/operations/pages/recognition?viewSpecificStory=1


      Our Tile on that page would then read this information and display the specific story.


      I figure I'll ping youMarkus just in case you know the answer already!