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    New i18nText links

    Bryce Gilhooly Expert

      Hey Folks,


      I've searched high and low, asked friends and co-workers but have made no headway. At this point I figure it's time for me to post a question (first time poster, long time lurker).


      I was taking a look at the footer of our platform and noticed the use of i18nText which is appears in a format similar to...


           <li><a href="/community/place/hardware">{i18nText('footer.hardware.link')}</a></li>


      When this is put in the footer, it displays the text "Hardware" which can be changed with advanced phrase substitution (yay!).


      So I thought to myself "well this looks easy, let's make my own link!" (not as easy as I thought...)


      I made my own <li> below using a new i18n key, however the <li> that I've added now displays the literal i18ntext (footer.products.link).  I suspected I could change change that with phrase substitution, but that did not work.


      How do I make my new link work similar to the link that I copied.


      Any help would be appreciated.