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    Closed captioning on Jive videos -- what are other companies doing?


      We just turned on the Jive video module in our Jive instance for the first time (yay!) and we need to add closed captioning to videos that we have created to make them accessible.  I've been made aware that Youtube has a tool to allow you to add CC to your vids when you upload them: Add subtitles and closed captions - YouTube Help.  It's looking like Jive does not have this, but I just want to confirm that and also ask, how do you handle CC when you create a video for your Jive instance?  Do you add the captions prior to uploading the video, and if so, what tool do you use?  I am but an amateur videographer and thus far have used only the iMovie app for iOS to create videos, so if there's a way to add closed captioning with the app, that would also be amazing.


      Needless to say, having a Jive utility to add CC would be especially useful for those times when a user makes a video by recording themselves into Jive directly via webcam, as they are not using any other editing software.


      Thanks in advance!