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    Wrong Link in Invite E_Mail




      when we try to invite new user, to a external private Social Group, they don't get the correct invite e-mail.


      This is the mail link:




      After click on that Link, the invited people redirect on the Login Page, without an create view for an account. We use SAML Integration and have checked the point "Allow new external contributors to create their own account when invited by email to an externally accessible group" in the AdminConsole ==> People ==> RegistrationSettings.


      On local test envirounment, the user get a mail with an access token, to create a new local account.


      Is there any settings that must be checked to get the right Link in the Invite E-Mail.




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          I'm having the same issue - found this post by searching the trailing link, which my user is also getting.


          We are Cloud instance

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            Hi Andreas,

            Did the user have an account created for him already in the admin console or DB? The reason I ask is because the standard message template has an If statement for new users. From the email, it looks like the system saw that the user had been created and therefore sent the invitation link rather than the registration link.



            <#if newUser>

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            To join this group, just click on this link to validate your email address and complete a short registration:



            ${EmailNotificationHelper.generateTrackableURL(emailTemplateName, newUserValidationLink)}



            If that doesn't work, go to this link and enter the following information:



            ${EmailNotificationHelper.generateTrackableURL(emailTemplateName, newUserValidationFormLink)}



            Email: ${invitee}

            Token: ${newUserValidationKey}




            Follow this link to join:

            ${EmailNotificationHelper.generateTrackableURL(emailTemplateName, containerUrl)}