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    Allow SVG images




      I am getting errors when I try to upload SVG images into Jive where images are allowed. Specifically, I'd like to put SVGs in the place image and the banner background image. I'd also like to use a SVG for the badge image for the role badge for a user group, but when I try I get an unexpected error.


      Note, I am using Jive SBS 8c5.3 in the cloud.




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          Hi Keith,


          I have checked in with our engineering team regarding the svg file type. While the application lets you attach SVGs as files (which are then zipped), as svg files are not typical image files and can include embedded xml, due to potential security issues svg file types are not allowed to be embedded into content.


          If you are interested in seeing this as an available option in a future release I would encourage you to create an idea in the Ideas for Jive space here in the Jive Community where our Product Management team reviews through top rated ideas for possible inclusions into future releases.



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