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    Additional authentication factor for admin login


      Did anyone implement an additional authentification factor for admin users? Which method did you use? Would you share your experiences?


      We evaluate an authentification procedure like this:

      • admin logs in with username and Password
      • Screen with field for token Input is shown and a sms with a token will be send to the user
      • user enters token and gets Access
        • Re: Additional authentication factor for admin login

          Hi Jürgen,


          While this is not a feature in the out of the box product, there are a few options available if you are interested in this type of functionality in your instance.


          1. If you are wanting to see this as an option in a future release I would suggest creating an idea in the Ideas for Jive where our Product Management team reviews top rated ideas for possible inclusions into future releases.


          2. If you are interested in implementing this type of feature into your current instance and would like to collaborate with other developers on similar features they have implemented I would recommend reaching out to the Jive Developers community here on the Jive Community.


          3. If you would like assistance developing this type of feature for your instance our Professional Services team can help determine the scope of the project and work with you to develop a solution which meets your use case. If you are interested in this option please file a case in your secret Jive Community customer group and the next available support engineer can get an engagement set up for you.


          Thanks and let me know if you have any additional questions.