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    Jive to exsting SharePoint site connection


      Hi Team,


      We tried to connect the Jive space/sub space with existing SharePoint sub site and it got failed after the connection is made. the steps we followed are mentioned below.

      1) Fresh Jive connection created for SharePoint site collection.



      2) Performed configuring the  Amgen space on ZSpace(Jive) with already existing SharePoint site. Configuration was successful .


      3) However the moment you try to finish the activity (when you click on Save) you get the error message shown below.



      Please help us in configuring the above settings so that we can connect the Jive space with already existing SharePoint sub site.


      Note : We have the latest Jive to SharePoint WSP installed in our SharePoint farm. We have SharePoint 2010 in our farm.

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          Hi Kuldeep,


          Sorry to hear you are running into an issue related to your Sharepoint integration, however in order to troubleshoot this behavior further we will need to collect some additional information specific to your instance (such as log files). As such, please submit a case in your secret Jive Community customer group and the next available support engineer will assist in further investigations.