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    400 error, "There was an error fetching file" - but content still posted.  Can I use X-Jive-Flow-Id/X-Jive-Request-Id?


      Getting an interesting error "400" failed to fetch file now when posting to an extstream.  What's even stranger, is it the same request with the same file worked earlier in the day.


      But, strangest of all, with 400 error - the post still appears.  This is a problem as I need to link of that post still internally - but I now don't get an ID back from Jive.


      I do have X-Jive-Flow-Id and X-Jive-Request-Id.  Are these headers useful at all to figure out the end result of the post?


      Post to: https://jive-butch.polldev.com:8443/api/jivelinks/v1/extstreams/1192/activities


      With a payload of...


      {"activity":{"action":{"name":"posted","description":"Recognition"},"actor":{"name":"Administrator","email":"butch@tembosocial.com"},"object":{"type":"website","url":"http:\/\/butch3-dev-vote.polldev.com\/api\/v1\/accounts\/248\/hive\/beelines\/40343215\/platform_redirect.html","image":"https:\/\/butch3-dev-vote.polldev.com\/accounts\/files\/248\/kudo_images\/preview_a2898b9139e3649206de0fbbb752ea0f.jpeg","title":"Test","description":"Test<br\/><img src='https:\/\/butch3-dev-vote.polldev.com\/accounts\/files\/248\/kudo_images\/preview_a2898b9139e3649206de0fbbb752ea0f.jpeg' border='0' \/>"}}}


      Gives a response:



           "error" : {

                 "message" : "There was an error fetching file https://butch3-dev-vote.polldev.com/accounts/files/248/kudo_images/preview_a2898b9139e3649206de0fbbb752ea0f.jpeg. HTTP error code: 403",

           "status" : 400




      Also - the file exists... and the Jive server can see it. I have no idea why Jive is having issues fetching it!


      [1359][jive@jive-butch:~]$ curl -I 'https://butch3-dev-vote.polldev.com/accounts/files/248/kudo_images/preview_a2898b9139e3649206de0fbbb752ea0f.jpeg'

      HTTP/1.1 200 OK

      Date: Tue, 12 May 2015 17:59:46 GMT

      Server: Apache

      Last-Modified: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 17:37:30 GMT

      ETag: "d422-4e4a0dc5faa80"

      Accept-Ranges: bytes

      Content-Length: 54306

      Cache-Control: max-age=21600

      Expires: Tue, 12 May 2015 23:59:46 GMT                                                                                                                    

      Content-Type: image/jpeg


      Ping to Ryan and Markus.


      Also - what does jive even use this "image" for?  It does not appear in the actual "post" object.


      Screenshot from 2015-05-12 14:16:00.png


      Thanks for any help you can provide - this is a frustrating one.