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    Tracking Likes and Votes


      What is the best advice for a new user who is wanting to go back and see a list of all the content or interactions that they have 'liked' or ideas that they have voted on?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Hi Scott -


          I believe if you navigate to Browse-->Content and filter on 'Participated' you will see ideas that you have voted on.  I don't know of any way to see what you have Liked.  I have had similar requests from our user base and I've logged a couple ideas in this area.  One is to be able to see ideas that I have NOT voted on, the other is to find my comments because, similar to likes, they are not directly findable like a first class content type.



          Maybe someone else knows how to find your likes, fingers crossed for other replies!

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              Jordan Dayton

              Hey Amanda, thanks for the response to Scott Dennis! I checked out the instructions you gave and found the following:


              When you are viewing the ideas that you have "participated" on, I believe this is referring to ideas you have voted on and it also includes ideas where you have commented, as well.

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                  Billy Volpone

                  Jordan is spot on with his breakdown. Quickly filtering down to see either the things you're written or interacted with is key for any user wanting to jump back into a conversation or item of engagement. Users can also bookmark to easily sync back too. But your other findings above are correct as well... there isn't a way for a users to go back and see everything they've liked to date. The "like" button isn't meant to be a tracking button, like it is on other sites such as Pinterest. It's much more of a 'props' action to call out the author of the content or comment you're liking. For example, if you go to anyone's profile and click on the "Activity" sub tab, you'll not only see their recent activity, but also their most liked content... thereby showing viewers what the best thing to look at could be.


                  Hope this helps clarify a bit.

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