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    Nested Groups vs Nested Spaces


      I have been trying the Jive and trying to get in the features of it. I did not see an option to create Groups within a Group. How ever there is  provision of having the sub spaces created. Is there a specific reason why this is not allowed to do. within the Jive community ?

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          Libby Taylor

          Hi Praveen,


          I moved your question because this seems to be a question more about the Jive product than the Jive Community itself.


          The concept of groups is that they live freely within a community, and any attachments made to other groups would have to be manually curated through the widgets in the group overview page.

          For places that need to be connected, we advise the use of spaces.  See Jive Places Overview & Best Practices for Groups, Spaces, and Projects


          Anyone else care to chime in?

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              Hi Libby - yes - this the approach we have taken - we have 'Wide Open' spaces - for our country homepages, and operations information - accessible to all (or restricted to user groups in that country for sensitive information).


              As much as we like to hope that in the future, people will rely on search for navigation - this is still a ways away for us, and people do still like seeing classifications, and site navigation.


              We decided to use groups for our departments, teams and projects, as well as for social groups as well - there are no restrictions on this, and no approvals necessary.

              The difficulty has now come that our people are finding it hard to navigate groups, and to find them (if they don't know they are there, how do they know to search for them?)  so we would love to have some kind of way to classify groups based on specific criteria - ie department, europe, worldwide, social, etc, or a way to visually display them in a heirarchy or navigation map, or a which to show 'what's new in groups'.


              It is also difficult to manage groups, as admins are not notified when a user leaves, and a group is orphaned, there is no alert when a group is created, and running reports on this is time consuming. We are also finding it difficult to support group owners - as we are a small team, and they are so many, so any resources or training materials that could help would be a good start.


              On the space / subspace delimma - again - we have users that have tried to create navigation with subspaces (one had in excess of 30 subspaces, within subspaces), and as there are no alerts when these are created.  I would like to have the ability to turn subspace creation off, or require approval, otherwise we have to spend a lot of time reworking spaces to remove these, which frustrates the space owner.


              I hope this helps -

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                  Libby Taylor

                  Hi Tanya,


                  There's a lot of stop-gaps you could do manually (like pulling a list of groups using a tagged group widget) but as far as actually having a hierarchy map, the only way to do that is with spaces. I don't think there is an easy solution for your issue. I've been in both situations now. Before I came to Jive, I managed a community that was all groups. We had to build links and navigation maps and manually update them anytime things changed. And now here in the Jive Community we have both spaces and groups. And I am starting to wish that we did not allow groups in the Jive Community except for the use of customer support groups. There's so many lost groups! If it helps at all, I feel your pain and I'm right in the middle of it myself.


                  The other piece of it which you touched on is the permissions issue. I'm really starting to think that the fewer people have access/ability to created places (either spaces or groups) the better! I know what you mean by a small team, it's just me here, and yet it seems to take longer to clean up the problems caused by space/group proliferation than it would be to control it in the first place.


                  As far as training materials go, there is a new space here for community manager basics: [Archived] Internal Community Manager Fundamentals which may be worth pointing people to.

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                  This is still a pain i see because of these certain restriction in the jive system. I believe there should have been option to create sub groups as well with permission driven things. a bigger organisation might have a requirement to have sub groups to be managed within a small group. This could be filled in the with the spaces but couple of differences are there the major part of it what i see is spaces does not have status update feature. Secondly there might be a need of creating group within a space which is s legitimate ask as per the business need. I have a scenario where within a same community i have two spaces allocated for different set of people and if they want to manage their groups they do not have the option to do that.

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                      Hi Praveen - you can set up permission groups to manage multiple spaces - take a look at this option -


                      We find that groups work quite well - think of them as 'Distribution Lists' like you have in AD our Outlook -



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                        We have found that the only real reason people seem to want to be able to put a group inside or a space or another group is to facilitate one of two things:

                        • Easy linking between the two. For this need, we suggest using one of the many widgets or tiles available, such as featured places, formatted text, or even view document
                        • Further grouping content. For this need, we recommend the use of categories


                        Usually people ask this because they want to recreate the set-up of their share drives; and the issue with this is that it brings with it some of the issues associated with that kind of complexity.