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    Hierarchy of Missions?


      I working on building out custom gamification missions and I'm curious to know if this logic is possible in the Nitro.


      Mission 1
      • User completed Task/Trigger A 5 times
      • User completed Task/Trigger B 5 times
      • User completed Task/Trigger C 5 times
      Mission 2
      • User completed Mission 1 5 times
      Mission 3
      • User completed Mission 2 5 times


      I apologize for the generic example, but hopefully it's clear enough to explain/show what I'm trying to build.


      Please let me know if you need more clarification.  I appreciate in advance any and all thoughts/suggestions/other solutions.




      Curtis Gross

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          Stephanie Standring

          Hi Leigh, If I understand your example correctly then you might want to try the following (suggestion). I am sure there are more than one way to build this out.


          Mission 1 - You will set up the mission to have three rules each with its own action assigned to it and executing at >= the number of times you want them to do that action. If you want them to be done in a specific order make sure you select "Must complete all of the rules in the order listed" otherwise you can have them complete all the rules in any order to earn credit for the mission. Also since you have missions 2 and 3 being done more than once, you may want to make them repeatable. I think your mission would look something like below:



          Mission 2 & 3 - You can set up your mission to have a prerequisite. That is located on the advanced section for the mission. However, I don't know how to make it to where the prerequisite happens 5 times, so if anyone has that additional expertise, can you please reply. You would basically make Mission 1 a prereq for Mission 2,  and  then Mission 2 would be a prereq for Mission 3. See below...



          Hope this information helps you...

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