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    What is your site width?


      I'm curious what your site width is and why. Upon creation our instance (cloud) was set really small. I have played around with changing that to Auto Width, thus using the whole screen. I would love any experiences regarding this setting!





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          Hi Austin, we use the auto width!  I mainly like it a lot, but you do have to be careful if creating any type of custom html/formatted text widgets, and when creating them, test them to make sure they still look good at both the narrowest window size and the widest.  Also, the slide carousel widget in particular doesn't seem to automatically resize itself when the screen window is widened or narrowed, but remains at whatever width it was on when you first loaded it.  That is the one thing that really drives me crazy, and I haven't figured out if there's any way around it.  We haven't used tiles as much yet, so I can't speak to whether the same problem occurs there!