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    Releasing chrome app with Producteev logo/name


      I like using Chrome Applications for most of my web-based services, like Gmail, Slack, Harvest, etc. Having access to my web services in a native-like application window just feels like a much better user experience. I have recently started to move over to Producteev from my current PM service (I love it, by the way) and have created a Chrome App that I use locally. It is a hosted app, not a packaged app.

      Read below for more information on the difference between the two:


      There are actually two kinds of apps: hosted and packaged. A hosted app wraps an online website, so the CRX package can be as simple as a single manifest.json file pointing to the website. A packaged app contains the whole kit and kaboodle inside the CRX package—HTML, CSS, and so on, all run from the user’s hard drive.


      Source: https://developer.chrome.com/webstore/apps_vs_extensions



      I would like to publish the application on the Chrome Web Store (for free, of course) so others may take advantage of it. Currently, I call the app "Producteev GUI" and use the Producteev logo/icon obtained from the mobile iOS application - the full rectangular logo does not work well in this situation. Your Branding Guidelines for Producteev do not really reflect this use case, and I'd like to get some clarification from the administration team as to what I am legally able to do in this scenario. By the way, there's a typo on that page -- CTRL+F for "Productee API".


      The (very, very simple) source code is available on GitHub for your review: https://github.com/bddenhartog/chromeapp-producteev


      If you'd rather have your developers copy the source and release your own hosted Chrome App to the webstore, I'd be more than happy to delete my repository -- but I'd really like to be able to help the community engage with Producteev in a more user-friendly way.


      Thanks for taking the time to read this, and for giving this thoughtful consideration!