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    Difference in Android Vs Ios App of Jive




      I am working on exploring the Jive product. There are couple of things i noticed in the product for the mobile apps



      • In Android app we are seeing an option of Places where we can navigate to any of the places like Projects, Groups & Spaces. This feature is not there in iOS App
      • In Android App if I am choosing People option then I can see the all people and I can chose to view their profile and follow them. This functionality is also not available in iOS App
      • Third and very important thing i have found missing in iOS is, when I click on my profile and chose the Places tab at the bottom, I expect that it should be showing all the Project, Groups and Spaces I am following but somehow it only shows the group. Any reason why spaces and project are not shown under places?


      Are these features missing from Jive IOS app and going to be available soon ?



      Can some one answer this question urgently.


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