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    Forms builder interface, is there a way to expand it?

    linlu Novice

      I used the forms builder a few hours ago for my first form.  After that I needed to be able to look at another document while experimenting with a new form, so I shrank the window that I was building the form in.  Now when I attempt to create a form, I can only see half of the usual Form Builder window with no way to expand it so I can fill in the fields nor the body and title for the form?.  I've already expanded my browser window to the full width of my screen with no effect on the forms builder window. Is this a bug or what else do I need to do to get the full width back?

      The screenshot below is the max height my computer display supports. Trying to scroll doesn't work since worked since there are no scroll bars available to get to the bottom of this overlay.  Also dragging doesn't work, since there is no title bar I can grab (or at least none that is visible on my screen.   I seem to recall the original window being TWICE as wide as what is displayed now.