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    Questions on Documents


      Hi Mor Avital I've some questions on how documents are handled with SP. Can you help please?


      1) Are all documents uploaded from Jive stored in SharePoint? Can this be configured globally or in specified places? Can it be mandated so no Docs ever get stored in Jive?


      2) Where are attachments stored - in Jive or SharePoint, or can these be selected?


      3) Does the Office Connector manage documents in SharePoint?



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          Looking at the documentation docs & attachments are stored in SP


          Your Jive groups will store attachments and images in SharePoint

          But can this be mandated across a whole site, or just to groups connected to SP?

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              Hi Russell Pearson


              This can be mandated across all Groups, Spaces and Projects by configuring SharePoint as the default storage provider for your community under the "Storage Management" tab.  SharePoint is one of a number External Storage Providers support by Jive and all of them can replace Jive as the default binary document storage repository.  The screen shot below illustrates where the default storage manager for Jive can be changed.


              Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 15.33.33.png