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    REST API V3 for WallEntry?


      Hi, I want to create a wallentry but do not see it listed in Jive REST Rest API v3.10. Is there a documentation explains all its JSON elements? What are containerType, objectId, objectType, URL, DocumentBodyStart, and privateDM? Where do I get those values from?



        "wallentry": {

          "containerID": 1003,

          "containerName": "The Jive Community",

          "containerType": 2020,

          "displayName": "Gwowen Fu",

          "latitude": 0,

          "longitude": 0,

          "message": "<!-- [DocumentBodyStart:b012b71a-d4ba-4aec-aa12-16b1be50034d] --><div class=\"jive-rendered-content\"><span>test wallentry<\/span><\/div><!-- [DocumentBodyEnd:b012b71a-d4ba-4aec-aa12-16b1be50034d] -->",

          "objectId": 1051,

          "objectType": 1464927464,

          "privateDM": false,

          "status": "PUBLISHED",

          "URL": "\/people\/gfu%40devrygroup.com\/status\/1051",

          "userID": 2013,

          "userName": "gfu@devrygroup.com"