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    Jive apps: app doesn't load for some users.



      From the one hand i have:


      1. Client-side jive app(uses only client-side code without any external storage etc.)

      2. My app uses iframe within itself iframe(Jive's default iframe  in which app content is turned on)

      3. Second iframe is on other domain so domains do not match.

      But before I load the page I change Jive's domain to be same with iframe I use in app. So it basically loads.



      App works i most cases but for some users it puts apps market error screen. Could it be related?

      An error has occurred

      There was a problem loading your details. Please contact your System Administrator


      Also I found this additional info in kinda documentation


      • For security reasons, if you have an iframe inside your custom view tile, the child iframe of the custom view tile has to declare itself loadable from any origin. The X-Frame-Options header should NOT be present, or it must explicitly permit the Jive domain (using ALLOW-FROM). Refer to The X-Frame-Options response header - HTTP | MDN for more information about this header.